Feature Request: Multiple CP actions, block specific.

Kurzer shared this feedback 31 days ago

I was thinking the other day as I was setting up an airlock system, wouldn't it be nice to not need this 4 button panel just so I can have one button to activate the system and start the timer.

What if the CP on doors was a configurable button that, when left clicked, did whatever it was set to do and when right clicked, gave access to the CP like it normally does now. Think small grid button but as part of the door model.

I know there are multiple scripts out there that will do airlock things. I'm sure if I looked I'd find a number of mods that will do something similar to what I'm describing.

The point of this is to suggest it be a part of the vanilla doors (I can't think of any other blocks, that have a CP access panel, that would need this function). It would be nice to not need that extra button panel and I think it would actually give doors a use and function other than just to hold air in. In theory you could use the door button to activate something else, a turret, shields, a beacon... and just click on the door itself to open it, but that's just it, giving the doors a built in configurable button would actually make them a nice build feature.

That's it. Cheers o/