Faster in-space Quickstart to bring in casuals

John Doe shared this feedback 3 years ago

For those of us who have been with the game since the beginning, it is no problem for us to start in space. We all know by now the trick of grouping forward thrusters on the yellow ship and tapping it back while you escape planet gravity to conserve the few ingots of uranium you start with. Most vets have no problem establishing themselves in space right off the bat. IOW, vets are able to get to the current best part of the game, space warfare, with haste.

Now for the idea. Let's bring in more people to enjoy space warfare by creating a new option that when checked allows quick start asteroid bases in the respawn menu. Please don't think I'm talking about the two platforms mode or anything similar. I'm talking about rat holes. A small diameter hole that a small mining ship with only one forward drill would make if it were to right-click into an asteroid's stone strata. Basically, a hideaway base. Within the rat hole you have only the essentials: 1 small mining ship which is parked on an entrance facing connector, a static base behind it composed of 1 connector, 1 med bay, 1 large cargo, 1 small reactor, 1 refinery, and 1 assembler. The O2/H2 generator is on the small ship routed to the cockpit. Lastly, there needs to be enough space in the rat hole for a player to add mods to the refinery and assembler which would be along the tail end of the rat hole.

What this would do - This would allow casual players who know very little about the game to get into the best part of the game, which is the space warfare imo, immediately and without having to learn the game on planets. I say this, because I see people get put off from the game because they crash their initial ships and struggle with hydrogen systems and getting into space. Some people just don't have the patience for starting from square one. I'm also fairly sure the biggest gamer demographic is the casual solo player by numbers. If you can lure these people in by giving them a better initial experience with the game then that will help the game's population grow much faster.