Family Sharing should be disabled on Official Servers

Robert Gorwyn shared this feedback 5 months ago

This setting offers little to no legitimate benefit to players.

It is mostly used by players to increase their available solo PCU cap and rarely used by others as a means of getting around bans or hiding who they are by playing with "throwaway" accounts. These types of players grief, get banned and repeat.

The players who are bypassing PCU limits are causing unnecessary lag/server strain by potentially building 80k PCU ships (and I've seen people do so).

What benefit does having this setting enabled give a legitimate player? Noone has said "Oh yeah, I'll let my mate use my Steam account for Family Sharing so they can play on Official servers" instead of getting them to use single player to try the game first.

Apologies for any sarcasm, but it's just to get the point across.