Faction optimization

WillyGmod shared this feedback 4 months ago

Hello, I have a project in progress and I need information about the faction system.

I find that the faction system is very limited, you can only join a faction at the moment, you can declare war and be friends, but no more.

Is it planned to make a special section in the Admin menu, with for example the possibility to magnetize the factions (not being able to leave them as long as an option is active) or an option with an automatic color change when a faction is joined ?

I know it's possible with mods, but the problem is that they can't be deactivated once in game, which is a handicap for the project I have (For example, for the faction magnetization, it's possible with a mod, but once a faction is joined, it's impossible to leave it, you have to quit the game, remove the mod, and come back to the game, which is not practical, whereas with an option in the Admin menu, a checkbox would be much easier.)

Finally, I think you understood the main point, are there any optimizations or redesigns planned for some basic game system such as factions?

Sorry for my bad english, i'm french.

Sincerely, WillyGmod.