Do the H2 engine properly (efficiency/concept)

Timotei~ shared this feedback 2 years ago


On small grid, H2 generated from 100kW of electricity will return 500kW when consumed by the H2 engine.


This is 400kW of pure perpetual magic!

Sorry but I take this as an insult and I feel offended.

I think I understand why keen did this. Maybe it's because they didn't want theH2 engine to consume 2xH2 and 1xO2 since it'd be harder to do so. Because of that, it would have broke logic to make an engine take only H2 in and in return give electricity plus some ice(H2O). So they decided the H2 should just disappear in the engine and give 500% power.

But I believe this is wrong. This decision is not based on an engine limitation nor is it for realism. It's a game design choice based on pure laziness. They did it like that to avoid having to modify too much code and rethink stuff.


Do the thing properly. The H2 engine must consume 2xH2 and 1xO2 (from conveyor or from ambient air). The process should produce ice(H2O) and never give over 100% efficiency.

Keen should know better and try not to rush things. Do it properly or don't do it at all.

That's all.

Thank you.