Different Space Suits

Kezeslabas shared this feedback 3 years ago

This is not a new idea, but I thought about it a bit, and I think it still would be a pretty good addition to the current game.

As for how to equip them, they could be switched in the Med Bay/Cryo Chamber just like that, or they could be a craftable Item, that has to be equipped on some other way. I don't know.

As for functionality, I've read trough a lot of suggestions in this support site, and I've got a general idea about what kind of functionality could satisfy a lot of people.

Based on these suggestions, and on the general design of the game, I thought about 5 different Space Suits.

Engineer Suit (Default for spawning)

  • Same as current one.

Builder Suit

Combat Suit

  • Has damage reduction and Auto Heal. (Imagine something like in COD)
  • Has 40% less Inventory.

Explorer Suit

  • Has increased Power, Hydrogen and Oxygen Capacity.
  • Faster Sprint Speed.
  • Has 25% less Inventory.

Miner Suit

  • Auto collects stuff, mined by the Hand Drill.
  • Has 10% less Inventory.

Each Suit should have the same base model as the original Engineer Suit, except that there could be small additional parts attached to the special Suits. This way the original iconic Space Suit model would still be there, but the different suits could be distinguishable from each other.

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