Deformation & Damage Ideas

KaiiKiller shared this feedback 4 years ago

Hello, just some ideas for weapons and damage and deformation.

It would be nice if the Player Held Weapons did not deforming large armor blocks, only doing the bullet mark decal, not actually deforming it, the same with the interior turrets, don't let interior turrets deform large armor blocks, only bullet decals.

Player Held Weapons should be able to deform small block "light" armor blocks, but not deform small block "heavy" armor blocks.

Small ship Gatling guns should be able to deform large block "light" armor, but very little deformation damage to large block "heavy" armor blocks.

Large block Gatling turrets should be able to shred small block "light" armor blocks, deform small block "heavy" armor blocks at a slightly slower rate, slowly deform large block "light" armor blocks, and a very slow deformation rate for large "heavy" armor blocks.

Small ship cockpits, it might be cool if when the glass of the cockpit is shot a few times, to have the glass shatter / revealing the pilot to direct damage, basically making the pilot able to be damaged directly without destroying the cockpit entirely.

Gyro damage states, if the gyro is damaged, have it so sometimes the gyro can actually malfunction and cause it to act independent of the players input, causing it to make ships fly out of control unless fixed/removed or the gyro block destroyed entirely, or turned off.

Thruster damage states, if a thruster is lightly damaged have it sometimes flicker on and off at 100% power until it is fixed/removed, or the specific thruster is turned off, or the block is destroyed entirely.

Have it so the players weapon/tool can "sometimes" be shot out of the players hands, basically making the weapon/tool drop on the floor or fly away from the player in space.

Reload animation/gameplay for player held weapons, player fires weapon until the magazine runs out of ammunition > hand takes out spent magazine > the magazine floats away or drops to floor + that disappears after a few seconds because game performance > hand takes out new magazine from belt pouch > puts it into weapon > weapon can then be fired again, perhaps having 30 bullets inside a magazine, so 30 shots between needing to reload the player held weapon.

It would also be nice to see some different types of player held weapons, Pistol, Shotgun, Sniper.


Just a bit of a different idea separate from this topic, a tracker bug, the idea would be that a player can attach a tracker bug to a "enemy" ship, then be able to track that bug, not having it show up on screen as an exact location icon, but having it as an audible beep beep beep sound with it getting louder/faster beeping the closer to the tracking bug the player gets, the tracking portion of the bug could be a small ship or large ship antenna dish for example.

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