Dedicated server - requested features / settings

Juksefantomet shared this feedback 2 years ago


I would love to see a few select additional server features / settings.

"Mini_star_system" - world preset, an enclosed star system, restricted in size (this total world size can already be manipulated), but with a lot smaller planets / moons - where you can define the scale by option 1 : < 10/20/50 > defining the planet size in that mini_star_system.

- "It's not the size of the planet, but how you use it"

"tiny_earth_with_moon" a defined planet size + moon - ref the above scale settings. Preset with a max of X km (world size defined) travel space around the gravity well with a few select asteroid points for generation.

Checkbox / activated / deactivated features:

1. Allow projectors to project grids with sub-grids

- this would allow players to project blueprints with extended grids connected to it on the projector. (this is very useful when you try to project a ship that has a linked mining head where the head suddenly counts as an exstention to the grid rather then a grid as one)

2. Deny mixed ownership on grids

- This would force any new block added/repaired/welded onto an existing grid to always be owned by the already existing block.

3. Allow faction ownership for grids

- If enabled enables an in-game checkbox in the faction settings where the leader can specify that all grids/blocks placed by any member will be owned by the faction, not a player. with text "built by faction-name". Solved by adding a dorment npc in all factions who gets ownership and shares all blocks on that grid with faction. Added information when hovering over block would then say owner: faction-name, built by: player-name.

4. Start with X space credits

- can be nice for hosted servers to be able to give your players a credits starting amount so they can replace their starter vehicles with something bought.

Do you have any ideas? throw them in the comments!

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