"CustomWorld" Mod Loading

Vas Vadum shared this feedback 5 months ago

If you go into your files and make a copy of a custom world, in this case "Green Station",

\SpaceEngineers\Content\CustomWorlds\Green Station\

then edit the files to change the defaults such as the silly 3x that you guys default your stuff with, these changes end up working. I created a copy of "Green Station" named "A Green Station", with all the options I wanted to have it default with (unfortunately some of the options don't seem to exist within the XML). I then changed <mod /> to include my mod list. Everything else worked flawlessly, but my mod list does not load with it when I create a new game using this Custom World. This makes no sense to me. I wanted to be able to start a new game, with custom asteroid density and all that which is only possible via CustomWorld. It can't be done with workshop uploaded worlds as far as I know. Once you have created a save file, certain settings are permanently locked I believe. So that was my goal, to create a new custom world with the defaults I like so I can quickly load up my preferred settings and mods when I am working on stuff and testing.

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if its intended that mod list fails to load. I hope to see this changed at some point though. Or at least, the ability to create CustomWorlds on the Workshop that allow players to change things like the game seed, asteroid density, floral density, whatever else they wish to change thats normally only available when you are first starting a new game.