Customizable Gates and Doors (piston frame with small head)

DIO_SVK shared this feedback 2 years ago

1. The Intro:

As custom door block mods are not maintained regularly every update, i stumble across idea that, if you can build custom ships, then it will be great to design gate / doors within large block space for your base / ship too.

2. Knowledge:

As game use 3D meshes with scripted animation all glued together, they are not easy to make without game requirement knowledge, 3rd party software and regular maintenance from mod creator that is not for long run... I do know that 3D mesh with animation based block mods are more pretty and performance friend, but at other hand, they use static not suitable for colliding with blocks simple animation that can be achieved by linear moving attach point (piston) alone.

3. Current situation:

If you want to build piston based doors you must use game old hack of adding small_rotor_head on Large_grid_stator, then build frame around hole with small blocks. Add few pistons for desired opening and after that many "SubGrid placements" you build the last real moving door part.

Example: (

4. Partial solution:

This may be possible by creating custom made model of piston_base to mimic one part of door frame and having small head_part for placement of small grid blast blocks.

4b. Solution Issue:

First issue with this approach is that door frame (piston_base) will collision with subpart, so collision must be disabled or ignored for more stable behavior of subpart (the moving door part made from small bast blocks). EDIT: Second is that game will crash if you try hack large_piston_base to have Small_Head_part.