Custom Inventory Sizes With Listed Volume In Liters

Phillip Nunya shared this feedback 3 years ago

I suggest allowing players to adjust the maximum inventory sizes as an alternative to the standard Realistic, x3, and x10 options.

First, a scenario to consider (If you don't care about this scenario, skip down a paragraph):

I am currently building a small PVP arena station intended to be used in public multiplayer with no dedicated servers involved. I am stuck on the issue of how keep people from abusing the inventory of guns and ammo near spawn points (I plan on having the remove player tools on spawn option enabled to keep player derpiness out of my arena). The problem I'm having is that there seems to be no simple way of allowing a player to take only one gun and ten mags. I thought I could use connectors with timer blocks to dispense the items, but it drops too many mags. I've looked for both scripts and mods, but couldn't find any that would help at the time of me typing this. Sure, I could create my own mod, but I have no idea how to do that and don't want to spend a lot of time to learn just for this fix. Honestly, I think there should be a simple vanilla solution to this problem. That's what brought me here.

Now that you (hopefully) see the benefit of such a feature, let's get into what this feature really is and how I see it working. I'm sure most everyone knows where the inventory size options are located within the world settings. The options discussed would be located there as well. There are two ways that this could go: A few basic options for the various cargo blocks and the player inventory, or options for every block with an inventory (plus player inventory). The former would be simpler to navigate, but the latter could be nearly as simple and just include a separate advanced inventory menu for all the additional options. Either way, the core idea is the same.

I suggest having a slider to determine the inventory size rather than just three checkboxes with three options. These sliders would display the selected size in liters so there is no guesswork involved. The minimum value would be zero liters (for those who want niche game settings for an unusual game), and the maximum setting would be whatever is equivalent to 1000% (x10) of the normal size. The checkboxes for Realistic, x3, and x10 would still be there, but they would just modify the value of the slider bars.

The easy option would include just four sliders: One for small cargo blocks, one for medium cargo blocks, one for large cargo blocks, and one for engineers. The sliders for the cargo blocks would modify the percentage rather than liters because it would be applied to the both large and small variants of each respective block. The size in liters for the large and small block variant could be displayed next to the slider to make it easy. This would make it simple to preserve the intended balance of inventory sizes between blocks.

If an advanced menu is included, it would list a slider for all blocks with inventory space (or just the important ones if the devs think every single block is excessive). The advanced menu would also list the small and large variants of blocks separately, which would allow for more fine tuning. All values changed in the advanced menu would override the values set in the simple one.

Aside from more freedom in the settings, this feature could also help reduce the dependency on mods. This is especially helpful for anything online. Generally speaking, less mods = more stability, performance, and long term functionality (if the mods become outdated).

There are plenty of possibilities that this function could allow, but I'll just give a couple of examples. In my case, all I would need to do is move the slider option for the engineer (player) inventory size to 15 liters (Rifle = 14 liters, 5 mags = 0.2 liters X 5 = 1 liter). That would be the best possible way of solving my problem, as it would prevent players from taking any more than I want them to have. If someone wanted to create a unique sever where both piracy and a different storage dynamic was encouraged, cargo containers on small grids could be made less effective while cargo containers on large grids could be made more effective. This would encourage players to build large ships to move large amounts of items and resources, which could in turn motivate enemy factions to pirate those ships.

I've tried my best to only offer realistic suggestions that I think are important enough to seriously consider, and I think it shouldn't be too hard to implement when the planets align and priorities allow for it. I hope the devs eventually see this (devs, please let me know what you think), but feel free to provide feedback regardless if you are a dev or not (obviously). If you think this idea is worth one of your thumbs, please donate that thumb to this post so more people will donate their thumbs and eventually get this into the spotlight. Thanks for your time.