Cursor does not focus in Search pane when opening Control Panel remotely

Ryan Rands shared this feedback 10 months ago

When opening the Control Panel directly from a grid or sub-grid (for instance, via a conveyor, using a control panel, sitting in a cockpit, etc), the cursor focus is in the Search pane. Therefore, you can start typing immediately to search for a block.

However, when accessing a grid remotely using an antenna, you must manually click in the search pane. This is inconsistent behavior and if you are using remote access to change settings frequently, it's a pain to keep clicking in the Search pane before typing.



1. Place down a battery, an interior light and an antenna on a single grid

2. Open the control panel of the battery

3. Type 'i' and the focus shifts to the interior light


1. Access the same grid remotely using shift-K, or open control panel on your suit, click 'Remote Access', then Terminal for the remote grid

2. Type 'i', but now it shifts to the Inventory tab

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