Character run speed is too high and creates bugs

Hypogriph Qc shared this feedback 4 years ago

Characters run way too fast in Space engineers, it is a known fact. It was probably mentioned somewhere on the 3 support platform (if not more) that you guys created.

It is so fast that you can die from running up a weird voxel (jetpack turned off) and get thrown into space.

I can't see myself introducing a way to save the player in case the same thing happen in a scenario i made. For example a ship going after the player to catch him. That would be a lot of time on our end just to workaround that bug.

There is also a massive screen shake while walking on a voxel. Slowing down the character movement speed would help reduce the screen shake a bit.

A suggestion would be to give the players and server owners, the ability to change the character movement speed based on preset settings

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