Blueprint handling and few quality of life stuff

Nebojsa Aleksic shared this feedback 3 years ago

I have some really amazing blueprints created and of course downloaded. The problem is, they are only utilized by me. Now a solution could be created in the form of added settings within the blueprint window "EDIT" section or (what i'd prefer) a list tab on the far right with the following:

1. Add to random encounters (disabled by default and enabled on a per save basis)

2. A type of button that would open a control with checkboxes and spawn chance sliders, where you choose:

*Defense drone type encounter

* Spawn Chance

*Offense drone type encounter

* Spawn Chance

*Cargo ship type encounter

* Spawn Chance

*Frigate type encounter

* Spawn Chance

*Mine Layer type encounter

Planet Space Station

Moon SpaceStation

* Spawn Chance

Etc.... all the basic encounter groups. Don't know all the groups yet.

4. Can be used as store item (Can be seen and purchased in stores)

5. In stock chance (The chance or "rarity" of the blueprint in stores)

Probably some more options i can't remember or think of just yet but i bet you already know a few to go with.

Also, i'd like to any drone, ship or station that is vanilla spawn to be some kind of default blueprint where you can change it's spawn stuff.

The aim and goal here is to have the encounters be customized as in-game and on the fly as possible without relying on modding.

Again, i know many things are possible via mods, but we already have a baseline here, something already in place that we have direct control over. The blueprint UI is there and underused.

Also, a small addition to it would be to group all BP's that are of same name but a new copy of could go into a single group of the same item to reduce clutter, increase overview and help manage versioning. E.g. i have a ship (falcon) and want to take it to a new design direction but want to save a draft BP, i save it and then i make a new design and save it as well. Now in BP it should show the base name of it named falcon with the latest copy being shown in thumbnail as well as latest version to be pasted, but in details there would be a drop list where i could choose a different "version" of it to use/paste etc. I have at least 7 falcon BP's.

All as a backup and or version, cluttering with Falcon, Falcon_1, Falcon_2...

I think/hope you know what i mean.

Also in game settings options a button to "world progression" option. That would simply after some period of time move a station, remove it and replace it with some other random thing etc... Give a sense of natural progress. Or even leave some debri to indicate what might have happened (a rare case tho).

Make larger payouts on timed missions but make some missions that aren't a race against the clock. It's just bothersome to keep clocking it and i'm not a big fan of timed missions. Since i don't have direct control over the "time" i don't know what your (time calculations) are against mine as yours are probably from a pure gameplay persepctive (which is fine of course) but mine is a bit deeper and i like to "make plans and routes" for such endavours, ya know, role play and stuff. Also, connecting missions to get some specific parts from one station to repair some ship. Just saying, oportunity with the contracts is almost limitless, play it right and give us actual stuff to do and finally use our ships <3. Finally!

Some way to actually communicate with allied stations from far away where you could check stocks and thus decide to move stock from 1 station to another. Simply a stock tab because if we got space travel, we got the tech to monitor stocks and stations.

A map. Come on! A. Map. Been done before, gonna be needed more and more for actual gameplay consistency with stations etc.

Some ships actually docking to space ports and us requiring to ask for dock permissions as well as docking number. Thus, no AI ship would dock while our ship is connected via a connector.

Have a copy/paste settings for blocks! For instance, copy settings from a sensor, relocate it, paste the settings, do minor adjustments as needed. Could be used on many blocks.

Possibility to show and hide block groups in terminal and or toolbar.

Larger ships rely on some singular blocks as well as large amount of groupings that aren't meant for user to interact with. The block hiding is amazing and reducing UI clutter but on larger ships and stations the groups add as much clutter.

Independent gravity generator box. So far we only have the option for width, height, and depth. It would be amazing if we could split it into something like a sensor to reduce-what i call-gravity bleed which creates gravity gaps or gravity overlap. It's mostly an OCD thing but i assure you the community would take great use of this. Also it's not conflicting with current settings for ships. It would take and apply the current width to Left and Right side, Height to Top and Bottom etc and the player could after such addition go into settings and tweak it tighter.

Make it so that 2 blocks connected to each other with connector becomes airtight. We really want airlocks, true real world airlocks. We have connectors, all we need is the game to consider it airtight to the outside. Yes might be visible gabs and such but use a bit of good ol' suspension of disbelief.

This is pretty much all i want. xD Modest list i know.

Please tell me if i need to make each of those option groups into a separate feedback.

I wont mind if you don't. Don't want to look like i'm spamming or somethin'. xD

Keep up the good work! Love the upcoming stuff! (Economy Major Update)

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