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[Block Suggestion] Player-defined vending machine

Goran shared this feedback 19 months ago

Dear KSH,

I kindly ask you to consider providing us with a block that would allow for a more immersive economy. What the block should do: trigger a played defined action (defined through an action setup like the sensor or timer block) when a transaction of space credits from the player interacting with the block to the owner of the block is carried out successfully. The amount is predefined by the owner of the block. Additionally, there should be a timeout (predefined by the owner of the block) in order to allow for the action or sequence of actions to be completed before a new transaction can take place. Hence, the desired block would be an amalgamation of the store (or dispenser) block and a timer block. This would allow players to outsource grids from other players. For example, a toll bridge over a canyon or buy a ticket for a train ride.

Thank you!

PS: It would be super awesome if we could also sell our grids via this block.

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