Block Descriptions For Calculations

George Baker shared this feedback 35 days ago

Its been long overdue but it would be highly appreciated for things like thrusters to display not only their energy consumption but the maximum weight they can move, the maths, in general, is quite complex and leaves people guessing and either undershooting or overshooting when building ships of any kind.

so having a thrusters description in the g menu, say something like

weight xxx kg

max-thrusterweight xxxx kg

energy xx w/kw

this would really help us, engineers, with calculations. also something on hydrogen thrusters which require fuel, saying something like fuel-c xxxl per second ect.

its a very small addition in terms of work as you already have the variables, its just a case of adding it to the descriptions of the blocks and it would change engineering in such a positive way, as in the real world engineers know how much weight a thruster of each type can lift, and the amount of power it requires, can we have the same, it would allow us to build more creatively while maintaining function.