Better texture

Thales Benetti Vieira Vaz shared this feedback 5 months ago

I don't know how to say that and my English don't help me.

I like the texture of game, but I think the way of the texture on the blocks is not cool. One texture have a lot of parts, like grids or metal plates with screws in corners. I really would like if I can selec a background texture and put the plate or the grid on it. I would like too if the texture adapt to surface.

example: if I put a grid on a side of a cube block (a square), the grid turn a square. But if I put on a side of a beveled block ( a rectangle), it turn a rectangle. If I put to grids on to blocks side by side, the grids will fuse and turn one rectangular grid. The same to grid in "L" shape. Do you can to understand? Each side of each block became a cell, you put the texture detail on cell and it interact with neighbor cells.

I suggest, in other topic, nongeometric blocks of armor. The idea in this case is: the cell will turn deformed and will deform the texture details.