Better Admin tools

Husker54 shared this feedback 18 months ago

- Us server admins are very limited in our ability to clean up grids and such .

-Allowing us to select specific grids without immediately changing the spectator cam to its location would be a massive help as once clicked usually theres a long pause while the game loads both client and server .

-As a whole i would also may aswell suggest trying to integrate certain aspects of torch to the base server setup . Lets be honest if it was updated as regularly as the game as standard no one would use the keen setup as it lacks so many features .

- Also features like invisibility and no-clip should be added to speed up movement for us .

-We should also be able to control all remove control grids on a server no matter the range

-Also the Show all players system should work seperatly from the render range of a server thus

allowing us to actually see players further from 3km away.