Base Game SBCs - Proper Tabbing

Vas Vadum shared this feedback 8 months ago

When trying to make a mod that alters certain blocks, I found that the tabbing used in your files is just terrible. I mean come on, please. Someone smack the guy who tabbed at different intervals at different lines! I've seen individual files with double space tabbing, and quad space tabbing at some lines, and what looks like trip space tabbing as well with single extra spaces thrown in occasionally and some lines not tabbed enough.

Please. Clean up your files. Use tab tabbing. Tabs are universal, every editor displays them properly. I have mine set to the width of 4 spaces. Anyone else can set theirs to 3 space, 2 space, 8 space, 100 space. Its all up to them.

So please. Clean up your files. A prime example of a badly tabbed file would be CubeBlocks_DecorativePack2.sbc

Line 18, 6 spaces.

Line 19, 10 spaces (should be 8)

Line 99, 1 tab, 2 spaces. (Use one or the other!)

Line 138, the main categories start being tabbed too far.

This feedback is not for the game, but for the developers and for modders. Proper tabbing is the center of a well coded game. I've gone through and fixed many files myself because it was simply hideous in some cases.

I don't mean to be insulting at all, I'm just objectively looking at things.