Banning people from the faction.

ComZiz OnLine shared this feedback 13 months ago


I'm playing on official servers.

I'm noticing that there isn't any "ban" option in the faction menu but only a "kick".

I was wondering the reasoning behind the lack of this option and also was curious if it ever would be considered to be implemented in the future?

I would like to keep my faction "Open" and enable the "Accept Everyone" option, but when I do some griefers keep joining back after being kicked, spawn at some other member's base and destroy everything.

Because of them I am unable to enable "Accept Everyone". The reason I like to keep my faction open is so that members do not have to wait for approval and I don't have keep checking the faction page to see if anybody applied while I was offline.

So I would really like to keep the faction open but also be able to Ban certain users permanently.

I thank you so much in advance for your response.

Have a wonderful day.