Balancing out Large/Small Grids

Aidan Reichenberg shared this feedback 8 months ago

So, most people who have played the game for a while know that small grid fighters do not stand a chance against larger ships, unless they are lightly armed. In addition, large ship turrets are able to destroy a small grid that gets to close in a matter of seconds.

In my opinion, a way to make small grids a little more viable and fun for certain tactics would be to increase their top speed to 200 m/s. For example, they would be able to catch and intercept larger ships traveling at their max speed. In addition, a feature could be added where turrets become less accurate when targeting a fast moving object. These changes would allow small grid fighters to have some role in multiplayer battles.

I know that different grids having different speed caps doesn't make sense in space, as there is no friction. However, the higher accelerations that small grids often have can't be utilized when they accelerate to the max speed in under a second or two. The different speed limits for large and small grids would balance out this problem.

Thank you for reading. I hope this gets considered at some point.