Asteroid and Meteor Rebalance

Kevin Lynch shared this feedback 5 years ago

Currently in the game meteor showers tend to come from the direction of the sun and they tend to happen on a very predictable time scale. However they don't really add a whole lot to the game. And I think that's because they're not really being used properly.

I would propose that instead of having meteor showers appear just anywhere on the map from the direction of the sun. They are instead limited to the planets. Possibly even just the Earth-like planet. Specifically they would be encountered most often at the equator. With only very occasional showers at the poles.

This would add an element of risk to choosing where to setup a base. The reward for setting up a base at the equator v the poles would be the rare resources, platinum and uranium.

This idea is based on the real world Roche limit for two large gravitationally bound objects getting too close. The small object will break up, throwing all kinds of debris all over the place. Which means this could also inform the game engine where to spawn asteroids and how big to make them.

If a very large asteroid is spawn deep in the gravity well of a planet. It should be the "source" of the meteor showers instead of the sun. Similarly if a player creates a map with a moon very close to a planet. The meteors should come from the direction of the moon and not the sun.

I've uploaded a video to YouTube which I think shows what I'm talking about a lot more clearly.

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