Argentavis&friends behavior patterns

error 404 shared this feedback 2 years ago

So i played most of my time on the starting asteroid of Lone survivor.

SPRT ships never got close to me, even Argentavis never atacked me or got within some 7km

Recently i started to build on another, larger asteroid. In the first few hours several cargo ships sailed by within 1 km, than when i was mining in the asteroid i heard a crash and a ship had crashed on the surface. Minutes later an Argentavis started geting closer and closer when it got within 1 km i built my first turret on that asteroid ( a 300 mm gun from turrets and battleguns mod).

I knocked out its reactor and stuffed the bird in my grinder pit where it belongs.

After i have built 1 turret its all quiet. SPRT avoids me like the plague again..

Is there some info where i ould read about behaviors of AI ships, i cant seem to find much usefull information apart various comments from other players.