(Antenna Talk) Local Chat

spam blah shared this feedback 2 months ago

There should be an option to talk to people in range of your antenna or your antenna network. This allows more covert communications with indviduals that are not in your factions. This also unclutters the chat if someone is running around helping new players, but are not in the same faction.

Your antennas will pick up other players that use the Antenna Talk options if within range. Beacons will not act like antennas, they will only transmit only if you are directy connected to them, via another antenna attached to the grid, or your sitting inside the grid(cockpit/cryo/passenger seat/etc)

There could be some sort of indicator that nobody recieved your message if you are out of range of everyone. But as this could be abused as a makeshift radar, Im not tied to the idea. Maybe only show this message if your antenna network is only your suits antenna.