Alternate Faction Respawn Location

JOHN GEERS shared this feedback 3 years ago

With b the new respawn system it makes it a little more difficult to have a shared base area for factions. Regular respawn will only work if Within proximity OR if you use the timer block trick which is just an exploit and not practical.

I would like to see a “One Block per Faction” all members can spawn block. No limiting member access. It is a true faction spawn option.

There would be some possible conditions:

1. Like a wind turbine the grid needs to be static and as a result of that requirement, for large grids only. If grid converted to ship, like turbines, it turns off. Once static it turns on again.

2. It would require an ACTIVE faction with 3 or more players. Only one per faction. Once faction dips below 3 then gone/disabled (something so people cannot just exploit...recruit and boot or keep running off of an inactive member. There needs to be a validity check)

3. Materials required would be very large compared to a normal spawn and would require extensive welding.

This warrants discussion I think as the situation now is that it is not easy to set up a tight faction. Ex: a base that has news area/chore or activity list for its members on lcd’s.

Also, this would allow for a little easier mustering of Troops to defend home and also to scramble to man a large warship. It would make it faster and easier but still conditional.

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