Allow grouping of GPS tags

Paul E Mak shared this feedback 21 months ago

When I start in space and intend on building in space I need to survey asteroids for minerals. I do this with GPS tags. Each asteroid I visit is tagged with whatever is on it, or "Nothing" so I know I've been there. Now my space is getting filled with markers and when I want to locate one specific marker I have to turn off 20+ GPS markers which is two clicks a piece - that gets way too long.

I propose to allow us to group and nest GPS tags about 3 levels deep, with a collapsible option in the GPS window. This would allow me to do something like this:

* Minerals

** Asteroid 11

*** Gold

*** Ice

** Asteroid 12

*** Iron, lots

*** Cobalt

* Asteroid Base

** East Entrance

** West Entrance

** Ore Drop-off Point

* Titan Base

** etc

This way, I can "mute" or turn off any sub/group of coords so when I'm flying around in the blackness of space I can find where I need to go easily. I'm sure I could write a mod for this (or someone else could) - it doesn't seem that difficult, but I'd much prefer this to be a built-in thing.

Feedback and comments welcome. :)