Allow certian blocks to "Share Bounderies"

C.DEF shared this feedback 10 months ago

"Sharing Bounderies doesn't mean that they are bound together, it just means that they aren't colliding with each other (It's like friendly fire for blocks)

We all know that 1 block takes up... 1 block, but some don't appear to take up one block.

Take for instance, the 1x1 window. It obviously doesn't take up 2.5 meters of space, more along the lines of 1 inch in thickness.

Here's a list of potential "Boundary Shares"

*Window Blocks

*Interior, Rotating & Corner Lights

*Control Seat, Passenger Seat, & Pilot Seat

*Passage Block


*Catwalk (both types)

*Landing Gear

*Text, LCD, & Corner LCD panels

*Button Panel

These are (probably) just a few of the many blocks that could share their bounderies with each other.