Airtightness PROS and CONS Ideas - Benefits to Having a Visor Off

Inigmatus shared this feedback 3 years ago


I was thinking, the devs could make keeping a visor down lead to visor related visual artifacts that grow over time:

With Visor Down:

  • Dust (if on planets, asteroids, or moons, or near explosions or active grinders)
  • Reflections/Glares
  • Breath fog
  • Occasional teary eyes
  • A constant imperceptible whine of air circulation
  • Decreasing health (1 unit for every hour with your visor down).
  • Sounds are muffled
  • Player movement is slower
  • Player inventory is less.

With Visor Up in an O2 environment:

  • Visors are defogged
  • Teary eyes are cleared
  • Health regenerates naturally in an O2 environment.
  • Sounds return to normal.
  • Player can move around faster (simulating having no suit on?)
  • Player can carry more inventory (simulating not having a suit on and carrying around its bulk?)

This would give airtight spaces the value and attention they deserve to build and maintain.