Admin Mega Grids

JOHN GEERS shared this feedback 3 years ago

Problem: admin wishes to create multiple grid builds to populate the world with cities, colonies, and infrastructure to aid in the illusion of a living world.

Solution: (obviously I have no clue if it is workable but follow along....

Perhaps some modders, to aid keen, or keen makes a series of basic models for larger structures to be usable by the community for simulating larger colonies, etc, which may be skinnable.

Some examples may include:


Large solar arrays


Extra large fuel tanks

Runways/landing pads

Large antenna masts. Masts


Large wall sections



(They are all non functional ideas and presented only for visual effect)

You COULD include some basic additional structures.

Why this:

If I am not incorrect i belive that a huge singular non functional block is easier to render than the actual blocks that would need to be used to create the effect otherwise.

Ex... 20x20x1 armor grid block would use less cpu that the equal amount of single blocks.

Cons are obvious as they would need to be developed and created

Primary pro. Admin has additional blocks they can use to populate a server/world that does NOT consume as many server resources as compared to an actual build. Less polygons to render?

Anyway. Point being, I tried to create a world with area highways and a couple of colonies. Ran out of resources too, way Tooo soon. With some basic, larger, block models, even if just large sections would perhaps allow an admin to make a world with the illusion of a living or formerly living population.

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