Additional Spawn Vehicles & Spawn Control

Vas Vadum shared this feedback 16 months ago

What would be nice to see in Space Engineers, is the ability to have advanced control over spawn ships. I would like to add multiple possible ships for each planet with times allowed for each one, progression unlocks, etc.

Lets say, for example, I make a Tier 1 Drop Pod, this is the same one the game defaults with, a useless parachute pod. This one is available by default. The Tier 2 and 3 respawn vehicles show up as greyed out, because Teir 2 requires x object to be unlocked, and Tier 3 requires all of the tech tree to be unlocked. User plays, and gets that required X thing unlocked. If he loses everything, and ends up needing to respawn, he can now choose the new tier 2 pod, even though it will reset his ownerships and his progression, this was unlocked and so it stays unlocked by keeping track of that with his steam ID in the server. Now he must unlock all, to get the 3rd tier as well. Tier 2 will be more powerful, a rover that moves around and lets him be mobile. Tier 3 would contain elite tools and be much better, able to fly around and even possibly planet escape.

The user can then select the planet, and then it shows what respawn vehicles are available. The Tier 2 and 3 being greyed out tell him what he needs to do to unlock them. Each ship would have a timer on it, so you can't respawn 10 times in half an hour with Tier 3 bringing them all to one location for salvage.

It would also be nice to be able to set a few settings on a grid to change with the planet you are put down on so I can use the same rover for each planet, with it using respawn planet choice to flip the settings for wheels, gyros, parachute open height, etc. I'm not sure how you'd do this in the game's current design, however. Even cooler if we had the ability to choose the colors of the ship based on the planet. Basically set the color of the blocks when you make the grid, for example if you have only two colors you can do #000000 and #FFFFFF, then tell the game that #000000 would become #00FF00 if Planet X or #00FFFF if Planet Y.

And lastly, to specify specific spawn zones for certain spawn ships. If I make a ship and mark it as "exact" for spawn location, I would have to put in xyz coordinates and rotations. Maybe "fuzzy" as its location for putting in "near X structure" (NPC stations that are invulnerable, invalid spawn zone if that structure no longer exists). If you decide to do that, you can use "world" spawn to enable it for planets, and "space" for spawning only in space not near any gravity field.