Additional options for Block Damage

Patrick Berg shared this feedback 10 months ago

I would love to see more (gameworld) options concerning block damage behaviour. Atm you only have an on off switch.

Because engaging in combat, from my experience, often leads to chaotic destruction and busy repairwork (if even possible, just think of destroyed timer and programmable blocks...), and therefore ends up being quite unreasonable in its current state, in comparision with the possible advantage it might give, in terms of rewards like a new ship (wreck), resources, mission payment.

It ultimately weakens the core strenghts of the game, building, engineering more that it supports it. Building a big cube out of armor blocks shouldn't be the optimal way of creating ships and stations.

In order to allow more freedom in that regard, I think an option to enable block damage but disable the ability for them to be totally destroyed could be a good way to circumvent some of these problems.

An additional option, that only allows light armor to be fully destroyed could make the above even better, while offering a lot of the traditional effects like breaking ships in half etc.

In that scenario players will also get incentivised to build their ships with a form of structural integrity in mind, because this setting is kinda simulating it in a way. Placing integral systems on heavy blocks will become important. (or on new medium/structurals blocks, interior blocks could serve this role as well without the need to add anything)