Add Vector Thrust 2 to the game please

the New Guy shared this feedback 2 years ago

It's one of the most useful scripts in the workshop and it adds so much to the game. I'm sure everyone would love to have it integrated into the game.

-It looks more realistic and awesome and fits well with the spirit of SE.

-Lets players use less blocks.

-Already proven to work thanks to the author.

-Doesn't seem to cause lag even on my potato computer.

There can be a checkbox on flight seats and cockpits to enable vector thrust. Players can add a suffix to the rotor blocks to be used on vector thrust mode (or there could also be a checkbox).

The number of vector thrust enabled rotors and engines can be limited to avoid game-breaking creations. (ie. Only 4 vector thrust rotors per grid and only 2 large or 6 small thrusters per rotor)

Here's the script by Vermillion