Add The Ability To Mod All Game Menus And Add The Ability Add New Menus

WesternGamer shared this feedback 11 months ago

I would like to see the game get an update that adds the ability for modders to mod all the menus like the Main Menu, Terminal Screen, Pause Menu, and Admin Screen. I would also want the ability for modders to add new menus to their mods. Currently modders are only able to edit how the CubeBuilder Screen, CubeBuilderBar, ATM Screen, Dialogs, Multiplayer Screen, and Respawn Screen are laid out. Modders also cannot add new menus to the game via mods. If the ability to mod all game menus and add new ones were added then this would allow menus to have custom themes and layouts from mods. It would also make mods have actual menus instead of wonky and not user friendly menus. This also would add the ability to change textures of one menu without affecting the other menus. I know that mods are only able to mod only saves currently but I think there is a way to have mods able to mod the whole game. It will take time but I think its possible and the end result is that the Space Engineers modding community will have access to create better and greater mods