Add: Open World Multiplayer

Beau Whately shared this feedback 16 months ago

It would be cool to create an open world multiplayer where everyone is put into a single open world (or grouped in worlds based on player style/reputation) allowing everyone to play together without constantly finding ourselves in empty servers or having to rebuild everything in another server.

I understand server load would be an issue but here are some suggestions on improving that:

1. Only load in the X number of closest players/grids at a time, grouping closest players per interlinked-server.

2. Automatically create a static external model of grids when players aren't inside/near them.

3. Calculate damage in sections of a grid so it doesn't have to recalculate the entire grid every time some damage is made.

4. When an excessive number of grids (more than 32 for eg) are in close proximity, auto-enable a safe-zone-bubble around them (safety in numbers) to prevent server load issues with extra-large combat.