Add New Stuff to Solo

Devin Henrickson shared this feedback 2 months ago

Hello, I am seeing a big lack of things needed in SE Solo Mode. I really don't see any fun in playing the game in Solo Mode. There should be more things to do in Space Engineers. Some of the things below I think will make Solo mode more fun.

  • More Interactions with NPC (There should be a system were NPCs can go to your station if allied and request fuel or supplies.)
  • There should be NPC's that can get up from flying and attack a player. Or have multiple NPCs board a players ship and try and take it over.
  • More Hand Weapons'. There should be more guns like Pistols and shotguns.
  • There should be AI buddies that can protect your station or other things.
  • Just make the Game More fun instead of just building.