Add a radio block to contact trade stations

Serg shared this feedback 5 months ago

This large/small block is used to contact a trade station of a specific faction/type. Sometimes I go crazy trying to find the right station and I think this block would be very helpful. Lets say you're looking for a specific station and you can look for it via the radio block and it will send you a GPS to that station. Some options could appear as well such as inventory availability (ex: I want to buy Uranium) and see the pricing of materials in that trade station.

This works buy giving the block a unique UI while in the K menu and click on the item and pressing filters and such would enable the block to function like a search engine and locate the best stations that fit the description. Ex of filters (materials, faction, prices, distance)

VVVVV It makes sense and here is why VVVVV

Think about this, it would complete sense to have a way of locating a trade station because it would make so much sense business wise. In reality most trading markets have a way of contacting clients whether that be providers of raw materials or contacting the casual consumer via ad or commercial.

This would also give players a purpose to travel for loot in a different fashion or maybe give an element of role playing.

Also add NPCs that can land on stations and buy as well. So anyone could make a station with good enough reputation and make money on the side!! Along with advertising their trade station via block. I say this because not everyone is going to travel across the star system for items instead add the option to enable NPC buyers for solo players. This would add a little bit of traffic to the game :) in a sense similar to no mans sky.

This would also work for solo players too so it doesn't feel too lonely... :)