Add a large calibre weapon to the game

Eric Ledis shared this feedback 4 years ago

Currently, The game only has low RPM gatling turrets, Interior turrets which function like rifles on a turret, and unguided missile turrets, with warheads being an unconventional weapon. A large calibre weapon, such as a cannon found on tanks or on modern ships, could be used to provide more variety to combat and defense. For rigid weapons, a long barreled cannon could be added like that of a tank, and could be for small and large ships.

For turrets, Auto-cannons could be used. Surprisingly, naval auto cannons have a higher rate of fire than the Gatling turrets currently in the game, and could be balanced with having some kind of belt fed mechanism to add a reload between that of the Missile turret and the Gatling turret. For small ships, a small auto cannon like those on IFVs could be added, and function like the large ship autocannon.

Large ships could also get a heavier cannon based turret, such as those on cruisers, or similar to cannons on battleships.

In reality, weapons like the gatling turret, such as the Phalanx CIWS and the Oerlikon 20mm cannon are used for engaging aircraft and small targets. The missile turrets are rarely used in large quantities and travel fairly slowly.

The image shown is the Oerlikon 20mm auto cannon.

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