About The Temeprature

Kezeslabas shared this feedback 3 years ago

I like this mechanic to be honest, however it's pretty hard to notice that it's even in the game.

I would like to see some effects popping up based on the temperature out there, because right now I didn't really pay attention to that little indicator in the bottom of the screen.

All I notice is that my Suit's energy runs out pretty fast. I check the temperature and it's Freeze or something and I know that that's why. With a more relevant effect, like a blue or orange radiant effect on the screen I would notice the temperature that is around me, so I would be more aware of that my suit is gonna deplete faster.

Also, it would be so satisfying to see that if I enter a pressurized room and the effect fades away in a couple of seconds as the temperature becomes normal.

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