Ability to Mod Game Guis Via Steam mods

WesternGamer shared this feedback 10 months ago

I would like to see the ability to mod the game Guis via Steam mods be implemented because people would be able to create better and more performance friendly Guis. Obviously this would require implementing the ability to mod the entire game outside of game saves but I think it would be worth it.

Some examples of Guis that can't be modified, Main Menu, Settings Menu, New Game Menu, Load Game Menu, Pause Menu, Terminal Menus, G Menu, and Admin Menus.

Surprisingly some menus are moddable like the Respawn Menu but not via Steam Mods, you would have to manually mod the game files in the Content>Data>Screens folder.

Additionally some menus that are not moddable used to be moddable in older versions of Space Engineers. For example, in the Deluxe Version of Space Engineers, an old version of the game is included and the ability to mod the Terminal Menu existed in the old version.

Adding this ability would be worth it and in the process of adding this ability, you would also add the ability for people to mod the entire game outside of game saves. Just add restrictions like preventing mods from messing with anything outside the game files and then how people mod Space Engineers would change forever.