A Ratings System, or similar, to help prevent 'Problem Play'

Burstar shared this feedback 4 years ago

While there are a couple tools already to remove unwanted players, they all rely on responses after the fact. I think some way to give advanced warning to others in game would be appreciated by most decent players. Something akin to a 'Like' button for players to +1 others. Or, perhaps ingame interaction with the Steam rating system. For example, the ability to restrict players outside a specified range in rating, hours played, or award system. Perhaps a way to restrict admittance to members that have been banned/penalized in Steam or on other servers (over a specified # of times).

Ideally, any way for Admins, and fellow players, to reward basic decency in game, and prevent (punish being too late in my eyes) unwanted in game behaviour would be welcome.

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