A More Realistic Global Positioning System

Kevin Lynch shared this feedback 3 years ago

The basic idea is very simple. In the real world, for GPS to work, a receiver need to be within range of at least 3 satellites to work properly or at all. The in-game GPS should then require a player to be within range of 3 friendly broadcasting static-grid antenna before the player can create and use a GPS marker.

This would greatly benefit the survival element of the game. It adds an element of risk. Risk of getting lost in a hostile environment like space or an alien planet. If you're lost, the limited resources you have on your person or in your vehicle become all the more important. And that vehicle. I guess you better not flip it over and remember to add an antenna.

There would also be a real reason to use beacons beyond them being slightly more power efficient than an antenna. And of course for those who like PvP game play. There are greater risks in relying on the GPS markers. To create a marker, the player would need to be broadcasting and be within range of friendly antenna. Which would reveal your position to potentially hostile forces.

The final outcome would be an added challenge to the game. Players would need to learn how to navigate there way around the world properly and even come up with their own navigation methods.

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