A key binding to Refill from H2/O2 Bottles

Kezeslabas shared this feedback 3 years ago

Especially in the early game, you don't always have a Survival Kit directly connected to an O2/H2 Generator.

It's pretty frustrating if I want to go on a mission, and I have to wait until the Oxygen/Hydrogen in my suit is low enough to auto refill.

I'm usually playing with 1x Inventory, so carrying a Bottle all the time is not an option.

It would be so good if I could just keep pressing a button to refill my suit's reserves from bottles.

(Also, a portable Energy Canister is also required at this point for the game, because usually the power runs out way before my oxygen or hydrogen, and this key binding could recharge the Suit's Energy as well, from an Energy Canister.)

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