A good reason for visiting planets: Composite armor suggestion.

Ekin Dağdelen shared this feedback 2 years ago

Ceramic material can be made from stone only on planets to give a good reason to visit planets. (Because there is no reason to visit planets if you can find everything on space)

Stone on planets can be melt in furnaces to produce ceramic which can be used to assemble composite armor materials. This is the simplest solution.

Besides that silicon carbide material can be assembled from silicon and carbon and that can be combined with ceramic to make stronger armour.

If you let me go far:

- There can be new elements like titanium or aluminium or both(very rare) and they can be used to build an armor that is lighter but strong as heavy armor because while titanium requires only 58% as much weight as rolled homogeneus armour for reaching the same level of protection, aluminium-titanium alloy, needs only 38% of the weight.

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