A combat overhaul for Space Engineers?

Comrade Jenkens shared this feedback 22 months ago

So combat in Space Engineers has existed in a rather static state since alpha, and is largely limited to making giant cubes of heavy armour, covering all surfaces in turrets, and then closing to 800m and shooting until one ship finally stops twitching. Essentially, it's in dire need of an upgrade.

My personal thoughts on blocks which could make it more interesting:

Radar Block (small and large): This would be a block which could be linked to LCD screens in order to generate a display of other ships in the nearby area. The range could be increased with power, and it could be toggled to active (detects all nearby targets) or passive (detects only targets using active radar) mode.

Guided Missiles (small and large): Unlike rocket pods, these would hold only a single missile and would have to be reloaded manually rather than via conveyor. Two modes; heatseeker which would just beeline the nearest powered grid in front of it, and radar guided which would require a radar lock before fire. Small ship versions would be similar to air to air missiles, while large block versions would be larger ship to ship missiles. This would allow a limited form of combat beyond 800m, and once missiles were expended ships would need to close to guns distance.

Modular Railguns (small and large): This would consist of two pieces, a fireing piece which forms the 'core' of the weapon, and a 1 long, 1 high, 3 wide barrel piece which could be stacked to increase its length. This would require both ammo and power via capacitors to fire. The longer the barrel, the more powerful the shot, but the longer the reload and power requirements. On large ships this could be used to make spine mounted guns or built into large scale battleship turrets. On small ships this could be used for making ground vehicles like railgun tanks. This would have the largest range of all weapons, but require careful aiming.