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ApexAlphaGaming shared this feedback 2 years ago

1) More Datapad Variety - After datapads were added to the game it was really nice to have something that guided you to the next station, but the game still continues to feel empty in Singleplayer. Having stations with "ghost" factions that allow you perform missions did add the much needed variety the game was lacking, (it was becoming an endless block-building game with no clear path), and the stations were much appreciated, however, this feature, (as complex as it may have been to implement), is very small by comparison to what is possible.

I believe that datapads that have coordinates to ore patches, maybe buried crates or abandoned cargo floating in space similar to "Unknown Signals", could massively improve the gameplay. It could help the player find scarce resources such as platinum, or discover containers that hold "missing packages" that could be returned to its respective faction for a bonus in reputation. The possibilities for datapads and their uses are endless.

2) Better/More Realistic Ore Generation - Ores currently spawn in a very grid-like pattern, albeit at varying depths, making it seem random, but if it generated less grid-like and if the ores generated in ways that were more realistic, such as large ore veins that could be turned into massive mines, or ore veins that are long and thin and travel for a few hundred meters, this could allow for some... more immersive mining. I noticed a suggestion that already mentioned adding a setting when starting a new world: asteroid ore percentage sliders. That way the player has more control over what and how much of each ore type spawns in the world, to better customize their playthrough.

3) More Armored Block Varieties - This one is already a mod but it would be awesome to have it included in the base game. Seeing armored variants of windows, thrusters, turrets, antennas, etc..., basically any blocks that can be or are normally on the exterior of a ship. Adding internal blocks such as: armored hydrogen tanks, armored hydrogen engines and armored H2 generators, would also be nice. This suggestion is very simple and easy to implement but would make armored ships look and feel more protected.

4) Many More Windows and Combined Blocks - This one is obvious and there are mods for this one as well but again would be nice to see in the vanilla game. The most important hybrid block I could ask for would be more conveyors combined with other blocks, as currently blocks like interior walls, air vents, and armor blocks only serve a basic function and nothing more.

5) More Wheels and Lifted Suspension - I would like to see some more wheel styles, such as treads and those tires that are made entirely of metal that dig up the terrain you drive over. The lifted suspension would be nice for the stranger/sharper terrain features that have destroyed my rovers in the past. Also would hover wheels be a bit of a stretch?

6) More Character Weapons and Reasons To Use Them - One of the most wanted weapons would be a scoped sniper rifle, (my reason would be to use it as binoculars to scope out terrain and spot enemy ships from a good distance), with very good range, accuracy and damage, but slow reload and firing rate.

I've seen mods that introduce NPCs but they are buggy and the AI is always so sad and simple. It would be nice to see some enemy space engineers that live on board ships, and bases on planets, each belonging to a faction, of course. We could have friendly NPCs that trade with the player or even assist them in welding, grinding, repairs, etc... Some that can accompany the player on missions or raids, (if they get added to the missions). All this would be so that the player can better interact with their world as their character and aren't spending the entirety of their play time in a cockpit.

These are just a few of the ideas that I have. The list goes on for much longer and begin to get much more complex. I hope this gets seen.

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