Per-Vehicle GPS location storage

Andrey Kleshchev shared this feedback 2 months ago
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It's a fair bit of a chore to switch between active GPS locations when you swith 'jobs'.

Often player has a bunch of specialized vehicles, like a welder ship, miner ship, drones. And players often have a bunch of GPS locations, like wrecks and asteroids with specific resources, ftl jump points. But there is a denominator:

- A ship without hydrogen engines doesn't need a bunch of planet based locations.

- Your short range mining vehicle doesn't need to see your nav sats or long range jump points, nor anything further than ship's range.

- Your jump capable carrier doesn't need to see all the mining spots and docking ports for small ships

- You welder and drones only need to see their assigned docking ports

Suggestion: a ship specific 'Navigation Databank' block that stores display settings and GPS locations. Features:

- Can hide all GPS locations or limit their range when block is active and player is in vehicle's seat

- Player sees on screen all locations from block's storage when block is on

- GPS locations from this block are listed in autopilot and jump drive when block is on (or alternatively you can use this block to make autopilot/jump drive travel to selected location)

- Switching one block off an another on can acts a sort of mode change, so that player would switch from seeing range limited local facilities to seeing non-range limited jump points.

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