4 Basic Assembler Improvements

Kezeslabas shared this feedback 2 years ago

I'm playing a lot of survival, and there are some things that are bugging me about Assemblers.

There are 4 little improvements, that could make my life significantly easier, while playing:

Enable/Disable Strict Production Order

  • If you want to produce a Component that has large Ingot requirements (eg.: Large Steel Tube), and your ingot production is slow, then the current production line tends to skip these Components and produce the ones that have less Ingot requirements. This could be pretty frustrating, when you need that Large Steel Tube to finish a block that would increase your Ingot production, but you can’t get it, because your Ingot production is too low. You can remove the other items from your production queue, obviously, but you did put them there for a reason in the first place, so it results in an unpleasant situation.

Production queue screen shouldn’t jump to the top each time an item is finished

  • If I have like 20+ items in the production queue, and I need a Component right now, then even if I add it to the production queue, I can’t place it to the front of the queue unless I’m really fast, because it keeps refreshing and it jumps to the top before I can grab it.

Compact Items button in production queue

  • Since the production queue window is really small, and the smart inventory system is implemented, it happens to me very often that I have so much items in the queue, that I can’t see it trough at all. If I could just press a button to compact the same type of Components together, that would help a lot.

Clear Ingots from Inventory if they are not needed for anything in the production queue

  • Sometimes the Assembler’s ingot inventory just get’s filled with one type of ingot. Then if I remove some Items from the production queue and I add others instead, then the Assembler stops functioning, since it’s ingot inventory is full, and it can’t grab anything. It’s not happening very often, but if it does, it’s really hard to notice, so it could easily happen that your production line is stopped for 30+ minutes, and that’s extremely frustrating.
    (Usually resulting me rage quitting the game...) :(

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