3rd person camera switch-to-click and remove "blocking"

Jjj Cataclism shared this feedback 19 months ago

Hello, guys!

Here is a suggestion that - I believe - could be easily added to the stock game, as I also dare to say it can be easy for those who understand C#/scripting (NOT me, unfortunately).

Probably most of you have already played Kerbal Space Program, and that´s a requested feature that was partially added to the stock-official game lately, but there is a great mod for that from a long ago, called "EasyVesselSwitch" . And what the mod does is what I think could be great in Space Engineeres.

Once your´re in external/3rd person view, whenever you hold "O" and click on a part of your vessel, the camera centers on that part. So you cold easily make your maneuvers, wathing from THAT point of view. At the same mod, if you hold "Alt " and click over another vessel, that vessel becomes your center of view.

In the 1.5.1 KSP upgraded, a similar feature were applied to stock, as you can activated an "advanced" option that allows you to click in "Aim camera" in the part which you´ve right-clicked.


In the other hand, would be great if we have the option to completely disable the "return to 1st person camera" whenever the 3rd person camera is blocked. If you are surrounded by ships / objects/ terrain, this stock feature somehow completely nulifies the 3rd person view.

Thank you!