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2 (two) block Hinge

DIO_SVK shared this feedback 3 months ago
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As name say, we have single block (1x1x1 block) hinge that will give you error (blocks will occupy same space) when you try use merge block.

Based on this "low effort" mod i find you can use rotor with merge block.


Whole magic behind is that that rotor apply to the SE "block space" grid.

Rotor is a 1 block and occupy own 1 block space

Stator is a 1 block and occupy own 1 block space


That Rotor is 2 block device that "occupy" 2 block space

Hinge can also use this "block space" grid if static part (the one you build) will occupy 1 block space and the rotating part will occupy 1 block space next to it.

You need to create 3D model rotating part that is 2 blocks long but only occupy 1 block next to stator part.

You can also make hinge that have rotating axis between blocks. (new 3d models)

Stator = -(

Rotor = )-

□□ --- Two block space

-()- = 2 block hinge occupy 2 block space (will work with merge block)

End of class

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