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Block based Hand tools/weapons

DIO_SVK shared this feedback 16 months ago
Not Enough Votes

As SE people know game is made "around building blocks".

KeeN why you not allow players to build hand weapons and tools? They are not engineering?

Fallout 4 allow people to build weapons.

SE have

Gatling gun block

Missle Block

Welder block

Driller block

And here is example of (2cm Beam System) made by (2cm)

Another mod (MA Laser Beam System) that can be used is made by AutoMcDonough

lastly mod (Grenade Launcher) that allow to shoot your blocks by spiritplumber

I remember once there was mod that allow players to build "tiny ships" by just changing grid size to 0.5 (half size of small ship)

But you hard coded grid sizes so people cannot do this anymore.


KeeN you only need to make framework so engineer can use that form of tools.

I know your Engineer animation system already adopt hands to stuff he holds.

End of Class

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